February 2015

NEWS | SUI | New Alliance Member from Switzerland

It is with great pleasure that we would like to welcome our new corporate member Stream House AG to the Roxin Alliance

It is with great pleasure that we would like to welcome our new corporate member Stream House AG to the Roxin Alliance. We consider it a matter of great honour and privilege that true to our tradition of bringing on board highly specialized white collar crime practitioners from across the world, the Alliance will now have in its midst one of the finest asset tracing and recovery specialist.

Stream House has been established by the Roxin Alliance’s member – Alan Bacarese, alongside renowned asset recovery professionals – Hari Mulukutla and Lucy Koechlin. Based out of Basel, Switzerland and drawing on experts from the United States and the United Kingdom, Stream House has executed projects in Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia. Stream House AG principally provides international consulting services on governance and accountability, anti-corruption, asset recovery, anti-money laundering (AML) and financial disclosures systems. The Stream House team has long standing experience, having held key positions in government, law enforcement, private sector and academia. They have designed and evaluated a wide range of governance and accountability programs, anti-corruption policies and capacity building initiatives in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. Stream House experts have also worked in conflict and post-conflict countries in Africa within the mining sector as well.

Stream House has also worked on developing interactive training solutions for conducting financial investigations as well as simulated case training and e-learning geared towards investigation of illicit cross-border capital flight and AML/CFT.

The contact details of the principal contacts are provided below:

1. Mr Alan Bacarese – alan.bacarese@streamhouse.org

2. Mr. Hari Mulukutla – hari.mulukutla@streamhouse.org

3. Ms. Lucy Koechlin – lucy.koechlin@streamhouse.org

You may visit Stream House’s website at www.streamhouse.org.


We extend a very warm welcome to the Stream House team to the Roxin Alliance.