October 2017

NEWS | USA | 6th ROXIN Alliance Annual Meeting in Chicago

International Investigations, Government Enforcement & Compliance Symposium

Foley & Lardner LLP’s David Simon and John Turlais, in conjunction with the ROXIN Alliance – a network of international business crimes and compliance attorneys, professionals, and academics – hosted a distinctive international symposium to address the complex issues that arise in today’s global enforcement environment. More than 20 nations were represented at this gathering, bringing together Foley business crimes lawyers and ROXIN Alliance members from around the world to address challenging and current investigations, enforcement, and compliance issues faced by global organizations.

Topics included the following:

  • BrICs: Brazil, India & China – Enforcement & Compliance Trends & Developments (moderated by Foley Special Counsel John Turlais)
  • A Global Investigation: A Case Study (moderated by Foley Partner Jaime Guerrero)
  • Media Perspectives & Strategies: How to Handle Allegations of Misconduct (moderated by Foley Partner David Simon and featuring Foley Partners Pam Johnston and Scott Klug)
  • Compliance & Enforcement Around the World (moderated by Foley Partner David Simon)
  • Negotiating Criminal Resolutions with Government Enforcers Around the World (moderated by Foley Partner Tom Carlucci and featuring Foley Partner Rohan Virginkar)

Speakers and Moderators included:

  • Marcio Battilana (Preda Del Puerto & Asociados; Asuncion, Paraguay)
  • Ana Maria Belotto (FeldensMadruga; Brasilia, Brazil)
  • Hector Gadea Benavides (Benites, Forno & Ugaz; Lima, Peru)
  • Thomas Steen Brandi (Selmer; Oslo, Norway)
  • Tom Carlucci (Foley & Lardner; San Francisco, CA)
  • Otto Dietrich (Dietrich Rechtsanwalts; Vienna, Austria)
  • Jaime Guerrero (Foley & Lardner; Los Angeles, CA)
  • Vladimir Hrle (Hrle Attorneys; Belgrade, Serbia)
  • Jan Jobs (Jobs Skowronska; Warsaw, Poland)
  • Nathan Kaiser (Eiger Law; Taipei, Taiwan & Shanghai, China)
  • Scott Klug (Foley & Lardner; Washington, D.C.)
  • Pamela Johnston (Foley & Lardner; Los Angeles, CA)
  • Antenor Madruga (FeldensMadruga; Brasilia, Brazil)
  • Stephane de Navacelle (Navacelle; Paris, France)
  • Bernardo Rodriguez Ossa (Parra Rodriguez Abogados; Bogota, Colombia)
  • Sherbir Panag (Panag & Babu; New Delhi, India)
  • Anton Podilchak (Advice Group; Lviv, Ukraine)
  • Carel Raymakers (JahaeRaymakers; Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • David Rieks (ROXIN Rechtsanwälte Part mbB; Hamburg, Germany)
  • Jayne Rosefield (Brunswick Group; Chicago, IL)
  • David Simon (Foley & Lardner; Milwaukee, WI)
  • John Turlais (Foley & Lardner; Milwaukee, WI)
  • Rohan Virginkar (Foley & Lardner; Washington, D.C.)
  • Mark Ou Yang (Brain Trust International; Taipei, Taiwan)

Source: www.foley.com