Our Work

  • Business Crime Defence

    The scale and manner in which business is conducted across borders in the 21st century has left companies inadvertently exposed to the risk of criminal misconduct across all levels of their organisation. Cases revolving around white collar crime are no longer bound by geographical borders and prosecution agencies the world over are cooperating more often than not.

    The ROXIN Alliance is a network of trusted professionals who understand the sensitivities and complexities of corporate crime and are well-equipped to handle the defence of both corporations and individuals at a national as well as international level.

    Through the ROXIN Alliance companies gain access to experienced legal counsel with in-depth national and local knowledge and carefully curated market insight, so that white collar crime and compliance issues can be addressed where- and whenever needed. Our members can draw upon professional working relationships with local, national and international prosecution and investigation authorities. Members closely cooperate with one another, paying close attention to each jurisdiction in order to prevent an otherwise isolated strategy from having negative repercussions on the case.

  • Internal Investigations

    Commercial organisations the world over are being subjected to increasingly higher standards of governance, self-regulation and scrutiny. The onus of acting upon complaints, internal reports or whistleblower statements lies solely with the company and the manner in which it addresses these instances is of paramount importance.

    The ROXIN Alliance specialises in internal investigations and has successfully conducted them for several commercial organisations across all industry sectors. Our vast geographical presence allows us to quickly mobilise joint teams of experts from different countries, to provide our clients one integrated solution which factors in the different pre and post investigation challenges.

    The ROXIN Alliance distinguishes itself by providing end-to-end solutions. Once the internal investigation commences, we duly monitor potential risks that might emerge and provide on-going advisory. Our members handle the crisis communication in the event of public disclosure and, owing to their established local presence, are in the best position to present the facts at hand to the investigative or prosecution authorities.

  • Criminal Compliance

    The challenge of remaining compliant with every aspect of legislation across different countries leaves commercial organisations in a vulnerable position. This is best addressed through a comprehensive compliance program that incorporates strategic planning, communication, training of employees, vigilant monitoring and the public reiteration of the company’s commitment to ethical business practices.

    The ROXIN Alliance members are experts in the implementation and review of comprehensive compliance systems for all kinds of companies. Our compliance solutions are never generic but actually tailor-made to mind the unique business environment of each company. The ROXIN Alliance ensures that each compliance system duly harmonises the requirements of local cultures, market challenges and the statutory requirements of different countries where the corporation operates or is likely to operate in the near future.

  • Asset Recovery

    Corporations and individuals that are victims of financial crimes are often faced with situations wherein stolen assets are spread across multiple jurisdictions. The proceeds of crime are layered with genuine and fictitious assets, making the task of recovering the stolen assets extremely difficult even when court orders are in effect.

    The ROXIN Alliance offers professional services in international asset recovery. Our members have been called upon by individuals, corporations and governments to provide asset tracing services. We have also been in the employ of public international organisations in this regard.

    We can assist our clients who have been defrauded through a wide array of counter-measures, including freezing orders, orders for disclosure and the initiation of search and seizure by law enforcement authorities alongside the bringing about of civil, administrative and criminal proceedings against the perpetrators. We also advise corporations on the other end, those which have unknowingly been the recipient of the proceeds of crime, in the regulatory action that is brought against them or is likely to be brought against them.

  • Dawn Raid Services

    Proactive law enforcement agencies may, at times, catch companies off-guard, mostly so in the form of so-called “dawn raids”. A successful dawn raid for a law enforcement agency would directly imply enhanced regulatory exposure for the corporation. Further, the manner in which dawn raids are conducted and the powers of the law enforcement agencies vary from country to country.

    The ROXIN Alliance specialises in advising companies during dawn raids and also in providing preventive advisory. Our members include leading lawyers and law firms that have worked closely with local, national and international law enforcement authorities, enabling us to deliver the required advice.

    The ROXIN Alliance makes it a point to keep its clients prepared for all adversities. In the event of such a dawn raid, we will have implemented standard operating procedures. A receptionist’s guideline coupled with employee training sessions ensure that a corporation is optimally prepared should it be targeted. If the searches are unjustified, adequate reactions and professional handling of the situation will avoid delay-related losses, reputation damage and long-lasting proceedings.

  • Administrative Sanctions

    Administrative sanctions, in the form of debarments and blacklistings, are tools which aim at rescaling the economic cost of criminal misconduct, by impacting the benefits of misconduct. An administrative sanction carries a significant financial impact for a corporation for example in the form of denied market access and also through concurrent legal proceedings which may arise. A debarment / blacklisting proceeding could stem from practices such as corruption, fraud, collusion or coercion; and adversely impact the organisation in operating in the concerned country, market, public procurement process or by restricting access to  projects funded by multilateral development banks. The risk is further heightened by the development of mutual debarment treaties.

    The ROXIN Alliance assists commercial organisations in dealing with potentially looming debarment / blacklisting proceedings, at the pre-conviction and post  conviction stage, or when the sanctions are to be put under review. Our members have had experience in advising commercial organisations in debarment proceedings involving administrative tribunals, quasi-judicial authorities, sanction boards of multilateral development banks and law enforcement authorities. Furthermore, the ROXIN Alliance’s dedicated Practice Group for administrative sanctions was established to generate a knowledge base for contemporary challenges that multinational corporations face in this environment.