The ROXIN Alliance is an affiliation of legal professionals who provide specialist advocacy and advisory in matters of international white collar criminal defence and compliance. Organised as a network of independent law firms, lawyers and academics, the ROXIN Alliance offers a platform for close cooperation among its members, while working as a single cohesive unit from the client’s perspective.

Established in the year 2011 by the German white collar crime law firm ROXIN Rechtsanwälte LLP, the ROXIN Alliance today has a presence in 50 cities in 36 countries and works in over 20 languages.

Why the Roxin Alliance?

  • Multi-jurisdictional approach
    Cases revolving around white collar crime are no longer bound by geographical borders and prosecution agencies the world over are cooperating more often than not. The ROXIN Alliance responds to this internationalisation of white collar crime by providing multinational corporations access to an established network of trusted partners, who all come highly recommended and can be relied upon to function across the globe.
  • Local know-how
    The ROXIN Alliance does not merely provide advisory to a geographical region or market through remote or proxy offices. Its members are established and highly experienced law firms and lawyers, each and every one considered a market leader in their practice area(s). ROXIN Alliance members have in-depth knowledge of local laws, procedures, cultures and market conditions, thereby offering market specific solutions with an international approach. Our members pride themselves in having a professional working relationship with local, national and international prosecution and investigation authorities.
  • Quality

    The hallmark of the ROXIN Alliance is providing its clients with the highest quality of advocacy and advisory. Every member has nationally and internationally recognised credentials which fall within the Alliance’s core competencies.

    Membership is strictly by invitation only and all prospective members undergo a thorough accreditation process, including interviews by the Board of Directors, before they are ulitmately invited to join the Alliance.

  • Multiple solutions – one provider

    The ROXIN Alliance understands the sensitive nature of white collar crime or criminal misconduct cases, therefore ensuring that clients have access to experienced local white collar crime experts to handle different aspects of a case whether preventive or corrective compliance, defence, internal investigations, negotiations with authorities or general advisory.

    The ROXIN Alliance with its strong local knowledge and market insight allows global businesses to expand and exploit new markets while remaining compliant with domestic and international legislations.

  • Scientific approach
    The ROXIN Alliance remains committed to scientific inquiry, innovation in legal advisory as well as formulating best practices to continuously ensure that our clients receive the most comprehensive legal advice. For this reason the Alliance has among its membership leading white collar crime and compliance academics.
  • Association with International Organisations

    The ROXIN Alliance is the preferred partner of several international organisations, both public and non-governmental when advice is needed on matters concerning white collar criminal law or compliance. The ROXIN Alliance works closely with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, African Development Bank, Association of International Penal Law, Basel Institute of Governance and the World Bank.

    The ROXIN Alliance is a member of the World Bank – Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development wherein it is a part of the Anti Corruption and Governance working group.