• General Information

    What is the ROXIN Alliance?

      • The ROXIN Alliance is an affiliation of legal professionals who provide specialist advocacy and advisory in matters of international white collar criminal defence and compliance.Organised as a network of independent law firms, lawyers and academics the Roxin Alliance offers a platform for close cooperation among its members, while working as a single cohesive unit from the client’s perspective.


    Who founded the ROXIN Alliance and when?

      • The ROXIN Alliance was founded by the German white collar crime law firm – ROXIN Rechtsanwälte LLP in 2011.


    How does the ROXIN Alliance assist and help commercial organisations?

    Next to the individual member’s specialist skills, the core competencies of the Alliance are:

      • Cross-Border Criminal Defence
      • Compliance and Internal Investigations
      • Asset Tracing
      • Dawn Raid Support
      • Administrative Sanctions


    Building on the unique variety that comes with its international network, the ROXIN Alliance will always seek to provide clients with a consistent service across borders as opposed to a fragmented legal solution which comes at the price of lacking a single cohesive strategy.


    Which language is used within the ROXIN Alliance?

      • English ist the standard language for communication across all regions and disciplines.
  • Members and Membership


    Who is eligible for membership in the ROXIN Alliance?

      • Members of the ROXIN Alliance come highly recommended, are renowned and experienced law firms and individual lawyers and are to be considered market leaders in the field of white collar crime and/or compliance. They are to have in-depth knowledge of local laws, procedures, customs and market conditions all of which enable them to approach problems in the light of the international background they are mandated for.Members must additionally be able to demonstrate that they are indeed proficient in working with local, national and international prosecution and investigation authorities.


    What are the different types of membership that the ROXIN Alliance has to offer?

      • Corporate Membership: For Boutique Law Firms specialised in white collar crime and compliance;
      • Individual Membership: For legal practitioners of high standing or white collar crime lawyers within full service law firms;
      • Academic Membership: For leading corporate crime academics.


    Why does the ROXIN Alliance have academic members?

      • The ROXIN Alliance remains committed to scientific inquiry, innovation in legal advisory as well as formulating best practices to continuously ensure that our clients receive the most comprehensive legal advice. For this reason the Alliance has among its membership leading white collar crime and criminal compliance academics.


    How does the selection process work and how does it guarantee the standard of quality?

      • The hallmark of the ROXIN Alliance is providing its clients the highest quality of advocacy and advisory. Every member has nationally and internationally recognised credentials which fall within the Alliance’s core competencies.Membership is strictly by invitation only and all prospective members undergo a thorough accreditation process, including interviews by the Board of Directors, before they are finally invited to join the Alliance.
  • Alliance Secretariat

    How is the Roxin Alliance being managed?

      • The Roxin Alliance has a Secretariat which is divided into the Board of Directors, the Regional Coordinators and the secretarial staff. It is headquartered in Munich, Germany.


    How many directors sit on the Board of Directors?

      • Currently, the ROXIN-Alliance has two directors: Dr. Oliver Sahan (GER) and Mr Sherbir Panag (IND).
  • Annual Meeting

    What is the Roxin Alliance’s Annual Meeting?

      • The Annual Meeting is the yearly event where members and friends of the Alliance meet to discuss contemporary issues of white collar crime and to plan business development initiatives. The Annual Meeting is hosted by a ROXIN Alliance member in the city of the member’s headquarter.


    How many Annual Meetings has the ROXIN Alliance had so far?

      • The ROXIN Alliance has held three Annual Meetings, starting from 2012. The venue for the Annual Meeting in 2012 and 2013 was Munich, Germany and in 2014 Mumbai, India.
  • Practice Groups

    What role do the Practice Groups play?

      • Each Practice Group functions as an independent intellectual forum, providing members with the means to share experiences, deliberate upon challenges and seek solutions to problems at hand. The objective behind the Practice Groups is to foster the generation of the critical mass of information and develop Alliance-wide best practices.


    How many Practice Groups does the ROXIN Alliance have?

    At present the Roxin Alliance counts three Practice Groups:

      • Criminal Defence
      • Compliance and Internal Investigations
      • Administrative Sanctions – Debarment and Blacklisting


    How does all this benefit the individual member and ultimately the client?

      • Through the comprehensive system of Practice Groups, the Annual Meeting, the Regional Coordinators and effective management the members are provided with the means to cater up-to-date information, trends and best practices to their clients.
  • International Organisations

    Does the ROXIN Alliance work with public international organisations?

      • Yes, in fact the ROXIN Alliance is the preferred partner of several international organisations, both public and non-governmental. We have worked with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the African Development Bank, the Association of International Penal Law, the Basel Institute of Governance and the World Bank.


    How does the ROXIN Alliance contribute to the World Bank Global Forum for Law, Justice and Development?

    The ROXIN Alliance has been a member of the World Bank – Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development since 2012. The GFLJD is a permanent global forum that seeks to connect experts and stakeholders from around the world, and provides a mechanism for continual and efficient knowledge exchange and for the cogeneration of innovative solutions to development challenges based on efficiency, equity and justice. The GFLJD is supported by an advanced technological platform.

    The ROXIN Alliance is a member of the GFLJD’s Anti Corruption& Governance working group and contributes through its collective expertise in the fields of:

      • Prevention and law enforcement against international corruption;
      • Corporate criminal liability and compliance programs;
      • White collar crime regulation.