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    An association pursuant to Article 60 according to the Swiss Civil Code registered in Zurich, Switzerland.
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    Registered office is ROXIN International Alliance, c/o Eversheds Sutherland AG, Stadelhoferstrasse 22, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland. All references on this website to “ROXIN Alliance“ should be read as referring to ROXIN International Alliance only. A list of all members of ROXIN International Alliance is available for inspection at it’s registered office or the other offices. The operational headquarter is in:

    • Große Johannisstraße 9, 20457 Hamburg, Germany
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    The ROXIN International Alliance is represented by the board of directors. The board of directors consists currently of:

    • Dr. Oliver Sahan
    • Dr. Andreas Minkoff
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    Each law firm that is a member of the ROXIN International Alliance is a separate legal entity and is not affiliated with the other firms in a partnership, joint venture or other legal relationship.

    Nothing in the information contained in this site or other written or verbal material does, or should it be construed to create such a relationship.

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