November 2015

NEWS | BRA | Fourth Roxin Alliance Annual Meeting

The Fourth Annual Meeting of the Roxin Alliance was hosted by the Alliance’s Brazilian Member – Feldens Madruga in Brasilia, Brazil from the 18th-20th of November 2015. The 3 day event was held at the offices of Feldens Madruga, with over 40 participants representing 15 countries

The key note address was delivered by former Colombian minister and noted professor – Dr. Fernando Cepeda Ulloa. Dr. Cepeda, addressed the gathering on “the evolution of corruption towards organised crime in Colombia.”

The first day of the Annual Meeting was attended by leading Brazillian law firms and multinational companies, and focussed on the themes of ‘Foreign Enforcement of Anti Bribery Laws’ and ‘Commercial Bribery’. The panel discussions drew experts from several countries including Germany, India, United States of America, United Kingdom, Poland, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.

The second day of the Annual Meeting focussed on management of the Alliance to pave the road ahead for strengthened collaboration and expansion prospects. Several initiatives were discussed amongst the members to work towards reinforcing the Roxin Alliance’s position as a full service white collar crime law network. Members also resolved to grow the membership of the Roxin Alliance in Asia, Africa and Europe besides discussing the rolling out of joint products and solutions.